Turn To the Gun Safety Experts

We offer our firearm training course to clients in the Jenison, MI area

Thinking about buying a gun? Want to feel prepared in an emergency? Turn to VP Firearms Training. We're based in Jenison, MI and offer affordable firearm safety courses. This course is not for certification, but it will teach you the basics of gun safety and help you feel confident using a firearm.

Call (616) 387-0261 today to sign up for our firearm training class.

If you’re interested in taking a firearm safety course, make sure you choose a class taught by a skilled instructor. Our classes are taught by a veteran with more than 22 years of experience. You will learn:

  • The proper grip and stance
  • Sight picture and alignment
  • How to clean and maintain your gun

Contact VP Firearms Training today to sign up for our firearm training course. We serve clients in Jenison, MI and surrounding areas.